April 12, 2024

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How to protect your electric vehicle in summer season

electric vehicle in summer season

How to protect your electric vehicle in the summer season

Summer season is all around and we are looking always to drink something cool and fruit juices, cold drinks etc., are to our rescues. While sipping your cold drink some of you might be thinking for sure about their electric vehicles. Here in this article, we will see some of the tips on how to protect your electric vehicle in the summer season. 

As summer has already arrived and some are already worried about their electric vehicles that how to protect their electric vehicle in this hot weather. When you think about hot weather our minds straight away goes to the battery. Let us talk about some of the ways that can help EV users to keep their EVs cool.

Electric vehicle in summer season

Here are some of the most important suggestions or you can call them as tips

1. Charing an EV in direct sunlight

Do not charge your electric vehicle for a longer time in direct sunlight. Why take a risk of battery damaging better you take precaution ahead by investing in a shelter parking space. It not only protects your vehicles from the sun but it does also helps in rainy seasons too. Hence a long time investment.

Many electric vehicles and their chargers are equipped with a BMS system that helps to control voltage and power but still taking precautions will increase the life of your battery.

2. Charging immediately after driving

Avoid charging your electric vehicle right after driving as the vehicle will be hot and charging immediately can damage the battery.

3. Charging everyday

The battery must be charged every day so that it will have a shallow cycle and provides extended life.

4. Using unnecessary functions 

Electric vehicles supply the power for the motor, stereo or any other features or functions that require energy. We recommend that you dont use many things that are not really necessary while you drive your electric car. The amount of energy is consumed is the number of times you need to charge the battery.

5. Charging electric vehicles at night

It is recommended that you charge your electric vehicle at night as it saves your time and as well as at night times it’s cooler when compared to daytime high temperature.

6. Driving at high speed

Avoid driving electric vehicles at high speeds as it drains out the battery faster than driving at low speeds which means charging the battery again and again. The main motto here is to consume less to use less and charge less. 

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