October 01, 2020

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Hero Electric joined hands with GoWash for vehicle washing services

Hero Electric joined hands with GoWash

Hero Electric joined hands with GoWash for vehicle washing services

Hero Electric has announced that it has joined hands with Nagpur based GoWash for vehicle washing services. It is a doorstep vehicle washing service provider that provides eco-friendly and sustainable vehicle washing facilities.

As per this partnership, the washing professionals will use the Hero Electric Nyx HS500 ER scooters which are having a dedicated compartment box equipped at the rear which carries tools and equipment of washing.

Hero Electric joined hands with GoWash

To avail these services, the customers can book a service through the smartphone application of GoWash. They can also avail coating services in ceramic and PU. The company aims to provide services to 6,000 customers by November 2020 in Nagpur and not only this it also aims to deploy 50 washing vehicles.

Hero Electric CEO Sohinder Gill said, “Hero Electric is proud to partner with GoWash as this collaboration further strengthens our mission of providing eco-friendly mobility solutions to people. Hero Electric has always been an advocate of adopting sustainable practices by using electric mobility and GoWash has proven to have the best expertise in auto-detailing services while nurturing environmental practices. With this, we aim to expand the horizon for the adoption of electric vehicles and are excited to support GoWash in its vision.”

By this partnership, there is also a huge employment opportunity for the people below 28 years and offers minimum pay of Rs 12,000 per month for its washing partners.

“Our vision for GoWash is to provide a good income to our staff and washing partners because I have seen many times that a lot of people don’t get paid or are paid less even after their sincere hard work. These people show tremendous reliability and add value to the company as well as the owner,”

“This simple thing encourages me to provide better earning opportunities and give a valid status to these hard-working people. The most important point is that because of this pandemic, many people have lost their jobs and businesses. It is our aim to provide employment, status, and enable stable and better earnings to those who don’t hesitate to work hard,” GoWash co-founder and COO Akash Aswani said.

A few days ago EV Motors India an electric vehicles solutions provider and Hero Electric has announced a partnership to support the adoption of EVs for last-mile delivery operations. As per this partnership, EV Motors will offer advanced battery solutions and charging infrastructure integrated with Hero Electric vehicles the company said in a statement.

Hero Electric e-bikes will use hi-tech batteries from EV Motors India and can be charged in just less than 30 minutes with a PlugNgo rapid charging station.

In the next 12 months, there will be 10,000 electric bikes pilot running in a few cities before the launch.
Hero Electric CEO Sohinder Gill said, “This unique solution of ’30 minutes charging’ coupled with the easier ownership models may be a game-changer for the EV industry as it will solve three important issues namely range anxiety, battery replacement costs and the high acquisition price.”

Hero Electric has also partnered with OTO Capital to provide affordable and flexible financing options to buy electric scooters. This partnership will offer consumers with affordable and flexible financing options to buy the company’s electric scooters and bikes.

It will save up to 30% on their electric scooter by paying monthly OMIs compared to other financing options in the market.OTO’s model of ownership allows consumers to lease an electric two-wheeler for a minimum of 12 months. They can also upgrade to any other models. The leasing period can range from 12 months to 36 months.

The affordability provided through leasing guarantees savings of up to 30 per cent monthly. For example, the Hero Electric NYX LI costs Rs 2,478/month through OTO, while a traditional bank EMI would cost upwards of Rs 3,520/month for a 2-year plan,” the firm issued in a statement.

Another partnership was made by the company with a fintech company, Autovert Technologies for subscription-based financing plans for its electric two-wheelers. As per the agreement, the Hero Electric customers can avail of all-inclusive subscription plans starting at ₹2,999 per month along with bundled services such as comprehensive insurance, service and maintenance, loyalty bonuses and attractive upgrade options, the company said in a statement.

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