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Harley Davidson Livewire launching in India on August 27

Harley Davidson Livewire

Harley Davidson Livewire launching in India on August 27

An extraordinary electric bike, Harley Davidson Livewire from an American motorcycle manufacturer is the first electric vehicle of the company which is going to unveil in India on 27th of August this year.

Harley Davidson Livewire

Earlier it had showcased the bike as a project in 2014 and unveils this month however the production-ready model will revel in September 2019.

The pre-order availability announced and the price of electric motorcycle Livewire in the US is about Rs 21 lakh ($29,799) yes it is an expensive one!

Harley Davidson Livewire

If it goes on sale in India, the price can be expected to be more than in the US. Price can be expected to have around Rs 32-35 lakh (ex-showroom, India), that’s too expensive to afford. 

The company is not expecting to sell it in large numbers. In fact, this product could be the halo product from which Harley will enter into the electric two-wheeler space.

The Company is into the making of petrol-powered products but the company has said that the focus towards electric mobility is now important and it will make more affordable models in the coming years. 

Specifications of Harley Davidson Livewire

The specifications of Harley Davidson Livewire electric is expected to produce 105hp and 116Nm of torque which can accelerate a 100kph in 3sec. The Harley gave the name to its IPMSM (Internal Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) ‘Revelation.’

Harley Davidson Livewire

The electric bike have a RESS (Rechargeable Energy Storage System), the motor has a capacity of 15.5 kWh. It takes 12.5 hours to charge if using a conventional AC wall socket but when charged with a DC fast charger it takes only 1 hour to fully charge. It can provide a range of 235km in the city, 113 km on the highway.

The Livewire price is too high for the Indian markets, but at least the popular manufacturer marked its entry in the EV industry, we can hope affordable EVs from the company as it has promised to bring in coming years.

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