September 23, 2023

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Goa launches Goa Electric Mobility Promotion Policy 2021

Goa Electric Mobility Policy

Goa launches Goa Electric Mobility Promotion Policy 2021

The Goa government has launched its Goa Electric Mobility Promotion Policy 2021 with a target to boost EV adoption to 30% by 2025. The EV policy will be applicable for the next 5 years which aims to adopt electric vehicles and set up charging stations. The policy aims to create 10,000 direct and indirect jobs in the sector by 2025.

The chief minister of Goa Pramod Sawant said that the main objective of the policy is to promote the usage of battery-driven vehicles in the state. The state’s first EV policy offers incentives to the two, three and four-wheeler electric vehicles. The government is also pushing for all commercial two-wheelers operating in Goa to switch to electric by December 31, 2025.


The Goa government offers a 30 per cent subsidy for two-wheelers and a 40 per cent subsidy for three-wheelers. Four-wheelers will get a subsidy of up to ₹3 lakhs. This will be provided to around 400 vehicles on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The policy also seeks to convert all marine vehicles from diesel to hybrid solar and electric vehicles. It also aims to set up a charging station for 100 electric buses in the state. The Goa government will also install a charging station every 3 km in the city and at every 25 km on the highway.

The Goa policy will also offer capital subsidies on electricity ranging between 20% and 50% for setting up charging stations in the state. The subsidy will be given for a megaproject will be 20% and for a small project 30% and for a startup it will offer 50%. 

The EV policy states that “to ensure the switch happens in a time-bound manner, all two-wheelers involved in commercial activity operating shall switch to complete electric by December 31, 2025. For beyond December 31, 2030, all the two-wheelers sold in the state must be 100 per cent electric. However, the existing registered ICE vehicles shall be allowed to operate until their end of life.”

Sohinder Gill, director general, Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV), said, “The recommendations and views shared by government representatives are encouraging, which will further strengthen the industry’s confidence. Additionally, we welcome the Goa EV policy-which has laid down a clear target of conversion of ICE two-wheelers to electric by 2030.”

“However, we believe that limiting the subsidy to only 3,150 EVs may not be enough to accelerate the adoption. The state that has over a million ICE vehicles on the road may need to relook at the numbers to be supported under the scheme so that more citizens can avail the benefit and shift to electric.”

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