February 27, 2024

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Ford launches new EV charging project for its commercial customers shift to electric 

Ford EV charging project

Ford launches new EV charging project for its commercial customers shift to electric 

Ford has announced that it is launching a new project that helps its commercial customers to make a shift to electric vehicles. Ford plans to sell EV charging installation equipment and software management tools. Read further to know more about the Ford EV charging project. 

It plans to sell more than 300,000 electric vehicles to businesses and government agencies over the next decade. In that regard, it has launched a new project called Ford Pro Charging, which provides the software and hardware needed to assist in charging electric vehicles.

Ford’s commercial vehicles come with telematics software that allows the fleet owners to find the location, charge status, or vehicle status. It helps the operators to know when, where and how the electric vehicles can be charged.

“Let’s say your fleet is back around 10 pm and will be back at 5 am,” said Mufi Ghadiali, Head of Ford Pro Charging. “Charging timeframes are limited and you need to decide on charging in a very dynamic environment. Do you need to fully charge all your vehicles? To take advantage of the low energy charges at night, Can Ford Pro Charging balance the charging power with the available charging window? Ford Pro Charging considers a number of variables and accurately controls each charging station to optimize energy costs and improve vehicle uptime. I will secure it.”

The customers will get access to Ford’s Pro Charging and its subscription fees as recurring revenue. The amount paid by each customer is based on the number of vehicles or charging ports in operation and the number of other variables. Ford also assists in the installation of charging stations, whether at the customer’s home or in a fleet vehicle depot. The company will install AC or DC fast charging ports depending on customer needs.

Recently, it had announced the huge success of its upcoming Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck with nearly 200,000 reservations. It has officially closed pre-orders to the F-150 Lightning making it a best-selling pickup truck (electric version of the United States).

The company’s F-150 lightning electric pickup truck took nearly 3 years of production. The company plans to manufacture 15,000 units until next year and 55,000 in 2023 and 80,000 in 2024. Which is a total of 150,000 units in three years and it had received reservations of 200,000.

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