April 12, 2024

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EVRE EV partners Zyngo to offer parking & charging infrastructure solutions

EVRE EV partners Zyngo

EVRE EV partners Zyngo to offer parking & charging infrastructure solutions

EVRE EV charging infrastructure provider has announced that it has partnered with Zyngo for a last-mile delivery to provide parking and charging infrastructure solutions. As per the partnership, EVRE will offer 5,000 EV charging stations across India within the next 24 months. Read further to know more about EVRE EV partners Zyngo. 

The EV charging stations will be used by Zyngo and EV fleet operators. It aims to increase its EV fleet to 10,000 vehicles from the current over 500 units. EVRE said that it aims to reduce the CO2 emissions of 27 MT every year. It will reduce around 12 million litres of fossil fuel consumption.

EVRE partners MAW to deploy 500 EV charging stations

EVRE has recently partnered with MAW (Mad About Wheels) to install charging infrastructure and to enable dealerships in more than 100 cities in India with more than 500 charging stations installed at the beginning.

The installation of charging stations will be done at the beginning with the first 100 charging stations in 30 cities by March 2022. The partnership will strengthen the charging infrastructure across the cities helping towards achieving the rapid growth of electric vehicles. MAW will deploy EV charging stations at the brand’s e-retail partners with EVRE. The EVRE manufacture, establish, own and operate the EV charging infrastructure.

Krishna K Jasti, co-founder and CEO of EVRE, said, “We at EVRE strive to increase the touchpoints for EVs with our EV charging infrastructure and continue to increase our footprint across the country. MAW provides us one such platform that enables us to reach out to the length of breadth of the country, touching a majority of the districts within a year.”

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