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EV Tech India 2019- E-mobility Conference In Bengaluru

E-mobility Conference In Bengaluru

EV Tech India 2019 is an event where you have an opportunity to learn and meet OEMs, suppliers, industry researchers, government officials, and technology specialists from the entire supply chain of EV, HEV, and EREV vehicles. Join the E-mobility Conference In Bengaluru and gain more knowledge about EVs.

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E-mobility Conference In Bengaluru

This conference will have CTO’s, IT & Design Heads, EV Engineers, IoT and Analytics Head from all over the country to discuss, debate and analyze how the EVs can grow and what are the measures to be taken and how vehicles can be hybridized and electrified for the future development of the industry.

It will address the competitive landscape of electric vehicles worldwide, the huge opportunities and challenges of electric vehicles in India. The participants will exploit the latest EV trends and shares the ideas and views with experts and industry visionaries on trending topics.

Topics for the discussion, debate, and analysis are

  • Electric vehicle technologies,
  • Battery technologies,
  • Energy storage solutions,
  • Charging infrastructure solutions and many more.

The summit will also bring in the whole e-mobility sector to analyze the technical challenges and creating the opportunities for the issues faced currently by EV manufacturers, power-train manufacturers, EV component suppliers and their supply chains.

Who Attends

  • CTO’s,
  • IT & Design Heads,
  • EV Engineers,
  • IoT and Analytics Head

Event Registration Information

  • Event Date- 07-06-2019 (9:30 am)
  • Event End Date- 07-06-2019 (6:30 pm)
  • Registration Start Date- 05-09-2018
  • Location- Bengaluru
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