April 11, 2024

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Electric Vehicles WhatsApp Group Rules

electric vehicles whatsapp group rules


Core Rules (a single violation may lead to removal or, at the very least, disciplinary action like stopping the member
inactive for a specific period of time)

1. Only electric vehicles related news and posts are allowed. Other technology news which is not related to EVs are strictly prohibited.
2. English and Hindi are approved languages for the communication. You shouldn’t use threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language or terms and comments of a sexual nature are not allowed. If you are unsure that a comment is appropriate, keep it to yourself.
– Personal attacks (verbal or otherwise) against any member, will NOT be tolerated.

Basic Rules:

1. No Adult Content.
2. Be Respectful: Do not attempt to call a member unless specific permission is given.
Please communicate through the WhatsApp messaging. Not by calling their phone.
Please refrain from abusing users or calling names. Respect each member. Zero Tolerance Policy.
3. Be Responsible: Members are trusting you with their phone number and contact information. This stays within the group.
4. Rules can be changed anytime and as moderators, we have the right to decide the right rules suited for the healthy EV environment.

 Shortforms Used:

EV- Electric Vehicle
Ecar- Electric Car
Escooter- Electric Scooter
Ebike-Electric Bike


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