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Ola’s pride crowns are always on


Electric scooter sales surged in May 2023 due to the government’s FAME II subsidy reduction plan, according to the May 2023 Electric Vehicle Sales Report. So, people bought electric scooters in bulk before prices skyrocketed. With the growing awareness of environmental safety, more and more people buy Electric Scooters. And another reason is that electric scooters come with many exemplary features that are both modern and useful. Here we give you the list of the top-selling electric scooters in May 2023.



Electric scooters that sold well in May 2023 

The table below shows the list of electric scooters sold in May 2023. Company-related sales data look like this:  


Company Names

Sales in April 2023

Sales in May 2023

MOM Growth (%)

Ola Electric

21822 units

26154 units


TVS Motor

8710 units

17856 units


Ather Energy

7714 units

14522 units


Bajaj Auto

3696 units

8967 units


Ampere Vehicles

8242 units

8235 units


Okaya EV

1518 units

3240 units


Okinawa Autotech

3168 units

2717 units


Hero Electric

3211 units

1982 units


Bgauss Auto

772 units

1181 units


Kinetic Green

845 units

596 units





Ola Electric Retains Leadership

Among all other electric scooter distributors, Ola Electric continues to claim the top position in electric scooter sales data in the Indian market. The company has consistently achieved record sales figures for electric scooters in the EV industry. The company sold 26,154 electric scooters in May 2023. The company however sold 21,822 electric scooters in India during the month of April 2023, a huge increase from April 2022. There will also be an increase in sales of the Ola S1 Air, as Ola Electric will start shipping it in July.  

Hero Electric sales drop significantly

A total of 3,211 electric scooters were sold by Hero Electric in May of 2023, a significant decline from the 3,211 units sold in May of 2012.

Hero Electric


Companies’ performance

There were other companies such as TVS, Ather, and Ampere Vehicles which reached the top of the list after Ola Electric until May 2023 when it was followed by TVS, Ather, and Ampere Vehicles. TVS sold 17,856 electric scooters, Ather sold 14,522 electric scooters, and Ampere sold 8,235 electric scooters.

TVS competes with Ola Electric

The TVS company within the automotive group said that in May 2023 he sold 17,856 electric scooters and Ola Electric sold 26,154 electric scooters. In the coming months, sales of TVS’s electric scooter, the TVS i-Qube electric, could surpass sales of the Ola S1 Pro. Because TVS cars are always one of Indian people’s favorites. However, since electric vehicles entered the automotive industry, Ola Electric has gained widespread popularity in the electric vehicle sector. However, after the launch of the TVS i-Qube ST, TVS EV sales may exceed Ola EV sales.

Impact of FAME II Funding Policy Revisions

According to the latest reports, the Indian government has decided to reduce FAME II subsidies to EV customers and manufacturers. Therefore, many people will buy electric scooters in May 2023. This has led to a surge in electric scooter sales over the past month. Sales figures for June 2023 are also expected to decline. The reason prices are expected to rise is that the FAME II subsidy level for EV manufacturers will be reduced to 15% for EVs. This could lead to higher EV prices.   

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