February 07, 2023

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Best Electric Car for Romance-Vanderhall Edison 2

VANDERHALL EDISON 3 electric car

Want to do some romance in your electric car?Want to see the blush of your crush in your love journey?Congratulations this three-wheel electric car is for you. Vanderhall Edition 2 is the latest electric vehicle which looks romantic outside, lovely inside.

Romantic Specifications OF VANDERHALL Edison 2

  1. Dual electric motors / 52 kW each
  2. Acceleration of 0-60 KM in 4 seconds
  3. Top Speed At 105 Mph
  4. Battery capacity of 30Kwh
  5. 200 miles / on a single charge
  6. Price of Vanderhall Edision 2 is $34,950
  7. 2 Year Limited Warranty

You can order this car using the link – Click Here


Electric Car HD Gallery

Vanderhall edison 2
Vanderhall edison 2

Vanderhall edison 2

Vanderhall edison 2


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  1. Verb Washington

    This would have been more credible if the photos were of the right vehicle. That’s the Vanderhall Venice, not the Edison2.

  2. Sibi

    I really like the posts in your blog. Quality of your posts are quiet good. As a reader i would return back to your blog as soon as you post latest blogs.
    Thanks a lot.

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