April 10, 2024

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Electric Car with Human Emotions LUCID AIR-LUCID MOTORS

lucid motors lucid air

The lucid Air super electric car is the best example for futurism, where there are no limitations of space, performance, and intelligence. This super electric car is the invention from Lucid Motors.

Just like human emotions the engineers work in the design and development of lucid air to make an artificial emotional super electric car.

lucid motors lucid air left.png

The design of an electric supercar is inspired by the aesthetic beauty of California and implemented with love in Lucid Motors. The future car with luxury and connects the mind and heart between emotion and technology.

The lucid company tagline “For those who know where they’re going“.

Highlight features of Lucid Air

  • 1,000 Horsepower for endless energy drive
  • Autonomous driving capabilities
  • 378 km/h top speed.

lucid motors lucid air top

Lucid Air Specifications-Lucid Motors

  1. 0-98 km in just 2.5 seconds
  2. All-wheel drive
  3. A maximum range of 643km
  4. glass canopy roof
  5. Autonomous driving mode ready
  6. 100% Security guaranteed
  7. LED multi-lens array headlights

lucid motors lucid air left

Lucid air price-Lucid Motors

The price of lucid air depends on the rider customization options, as there is a number of configurable options are available. If anyone interested to buy this car they need to reserve lucid air with a refundable security deposit of $2500.The base price of lucid air is $60,000.

lucid motors lucid air interior

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