July 15, 2024

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EESL Issues Tender For 200 EV Fast Chargers

EESL Issues Tender For 200 EV Fast Chargers

EESL Issues Tender For 200 EV Fast Chargers-EESL ( Government’s Energy Efficiency Services Limited) has issued a tender for 200 fast chargers with three years on sire warranty and annual maintenance contract.

EESL Issues Tender 200 EV Fast Chargers

The tender is extended up to 10 years and will have an international competitive bidding process.

The bidder must look for the location, survey, planning, supply, installation, and commissioning of fast chargers in other words the bidder is responsible for everything.

Bid Closes On April 30, 2019, Technical Bids Will Open On The Same Date

The last date for the bids to be closed on April 30, 2019, and the technical bids will open on the same date.

‘Demand-Side Energy Efficiency Investment Project’

This initiative is said as the demand-Side Energy Efficient ‘Dency Investment Project,’ and a consortium of two private entities. The combination of private limited, limited or government companies is eligible for bidding.

Bid Document Mentions 

“In case where the bidder is a consortium, relevant combined experience of all the members of the consortium will be considered provided that all the consortium members are manufacturers/suppliers of the electrical equipment related to battery chargers, storage and AC to DC and DC to DC converters and metering and have relevant experience for meeting the requirement above”, mentions bid document.

A bidder must be profitable in at least two years out of three previous financial years and their average annual turnover should not be less than $1.4 billion ($20.22 million)

Several agencies have been announced their foray in the electric vehicles charging segment for the development of Electric vehicles in various states.

National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) Invited Bids And Rajasthan Electronics and Instruments Limited Issued Tender 

Also, the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) this month invited bids to set up charging stations for electric vehicles including buses and four-wheeler. The Rajasthan Electronics and Instruments Limited also issued a tender to set up 270 EVs charging equipment across various locations in the country.

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