June 23, 2024

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eBikeGo launches Transil e1 e-bike for INR 44,999. Pre-orders start soon

eBikeGo launches Transil e1 e-bike for INR 44,999. Pre-orders start soon

Transil is eBikeGo’s B2C vertical, aiming to develop modern, effective, and sustainable consumer products. The company said all of its advanced electric vehicles will be launched under the Transil brand name.


eBikeGo India’s leading two-wheeler mobility platform enters the e-bike space with its newly launched product Transil e1. Transil is eBikeGo B2C vertical, aimed at developing modern, effective and sustainable consumer products. The company said all its advanced electric vehicles would be launched under the Transil brand name. Pre-orders for the Transil e1 bike will open in the next few weeks. The price is about 44999 Rs, and the color is available in three colors.

Transil eBikeGo focuses on providing eco-friendly mobility solutions. Electromobility standards developed and implemented by Adaptive Mobility enable individuals to enjoy the moment and evolve towards a healthier lifestyle. Transil offers consumers a wide range of fully licensed, guaranteed, and reliable electric vehicle options. Our products are designed to enable a smooth transition from current transportation models to environmentally friendly modes of transportation.

The Transil e1 is a serious short-range with a super finished unisex steel frame with single-speed gearing and an efficient and compact lithium-ion battery with an intelligent BMS for high performance. It is an electric bicycle with a strong, lightweight frame that makes cycling effortless and fun, while quality hardware makes the system robust. Help drivers switch to a better and healthier lifestyle. It has low maintenance costs and is a suitable alternative for people traveling distances less than 40 km. Affordable, with running costs less than 5 paise per km. With a waterproof design and speed limiter, it is also safe.

Featuring a 250W BLDC hub motor, Battery Management System Li-Ion 36V-5.2Ah, temperature monitoring, and overcurrent protection, highly efficient sinusoidal motor control, and a waterproof system for precise charge control, it complies with specifications such as intelligent algorithms. It can be charged by a smart charger with an auto-off function, so it can be used as a portable battery table or in-vehicle charging. Transil e1 has a user interface with a compact LED smart display and a range of 20+ to 40+ km on a single charge.

Irfan Khan, founder, and CEO of eBikeGo said: The latest fitness technology is an innovation. He is very pleased to announce the launch of the Transil e1. Enter the smart electric bike market by launching the first electric bike. We hope this product will help users achieve a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.


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