July 15, 2024

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Chandigarh EV Policy Details

Chandigarh EV Policy

Here are the details of Chandigarh EV Policy

Chandigarh administration has drafted an Electric Vehicle Policy. Chandigarh has the highest density of vehicles with 1.2 million vehicles approximately. The emissions from these are showing greater impact on the air quality in the Union Territory.

According to Ministry of Urban Development proposal, Chandigarh will become a smart city. It has already started taking measures to adopt electric mobility. Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU) has passed out a tender for 40 electric buses and charging stations.


Chandigarh EV Policy Details

  • After 2030, only EVs will be registered in Chandigarh


  • Chandigarh will have the all-electric fleet of public buses by 2027, and the city will have an all-electric government fleet by 2025.


  • By 2030, the city will have all-electric rickshaws, corporate fleets, cabs and school buses/vans.


  • Chandigarh has also proposed to install 1,000 public EV chargers by 2030.


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Benefits or incentives for EV buyers which include:

Chandigarh EV Policy

  • First 3,000 buyers of electric two- and three-wheelers will get a direct subsidy of Rs 20,000 and for the first 1,000 EV buyers, free insurance for 1 year.


  • All EV buyers will get a 100% exemption in road tax and registration charges till 2024.


  • All government parking spaces will provide free parking slots reserved for EVs and all commercial buildings, education institutions and RWAs will have reserved parking space for EVs equipped with charging facilities.


  • New public parking lots in Chandigarh will have a 30 per cent dedicated parking space for EVs.


Incentives and assistance for EV charging include:


  • The Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission (JERC) has fixed the charge of Rs 4 per unit and a monthly charge of Rs 100 on electricity bill for EV charging stations.


  • A subsidy of 30 per cent on the installation of home chargers.


  • A subsidy of 15 per cent for Charging infrastructure companies.


The Department of Transport, will implement EV Policy in Chandigarh. In order to implement the policy, the UTI transport department will form an ‘EV Steering committee’, which will suggest measures to implement the policy perfectly.



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