April 14, 2024

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British Columbia witnesses the rise of Electric Vehicles Sales 

Electric Vehicles Sales 

Electric Vehicles Sales, The implementation of the new $5K federal incentive, the new car dealers association of British Columbia has increased in the electric vehicle demand this month.

British Columbia witnesses the rise of Electric Vehicles Sales

Till now around 1,800 electric vehicles have been sold in British Columbia in May.

Blair Qualey, the president of the association

Blair Qualey, the president of the association, said that due to the incentives provided, the costs of the car have become less and it is affordable to buy.

Range of electric vehicles increased 

The range of the electric vehicles has also been increased which is also one of the reasons that the customers are getting attracted towards the electric vehicles.

He says that the British Columbians are really taking advantage of the federal subsidy provided to them.

“We went through $6.5 million dollars in the fund from May 1 to last Wednesday,” “Fortunately, the government was prepared and ready, as we asked them to be, and they topped up another $10 million in the fund last Thursday,” he adds.

He says it as a perfect storm as consumers are getting incentives from both the B.C. and federal governments.

“We went from nothing to this bubble of pent up demand that ran through the door May 1 and frankly, we’re still seeing some of that.”

Qualey says that British Columbia had the largest rates of electric vehicles adoption in the country and it seems to go the same as earlier.

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