June 20, 2024

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BGauss RUV350: India’s First Rugged Electric Scooter Charges Up for June 25 Launch

India’s 1st Electric RUV! ⚡️ Adventure awaits – June 25th launch!


Electric two-wheeler maker BGauss is set to unveil a new challenger in the Indian market – the BGauss RUV350. This scooter, slated for launch on June 25, 2024, boasts the title of India’s first “Rugged Utility Vehicle” (RUV) in the electric scooter segment.

While full specifications remain under wraps, BGauss has released teasers hinting at the RUV350’s capabilities. The design appears geared towards tackling various terrains, with features like:

  • Large wheels: Bigger than the usual electric scooter, possibly 16 or 17 inches, for better handling on uneven surfaces.
  • Rugged build: The front fork and overall build suggest sturdiness for off-road riding.
  • Advanced features: Images hint at a digital instrument cluster (possibly TFT) and all-LED lighting for improved visibility.

BGauss positions the RUV350 as a premium offering compared to its existing C12 model. This suggests potential features like a powerful motor, a larger battery for extended range, and advanced connectivity options.

The RUV350’s arrival signifies BGauss’s intent to cater to a wider range of riders. While the C12 focuses on urban commutes, the RUV350 might appeal to those seeking an electric scooter for adventure and exploration beyond city limits.

With the official unveiling just around the corner, stay tuned for more details on the BGauss RUV350’s performance, technology, pricing, and availability. This electric scooter has the potential to shake up the Indian EV market, offering a unique blend of utility and eco-friendly transportation.

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