May 18, 2024

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Bangladesh Registers 100,000 Rural Electric Vehicles

Bangladesh Registers 100,000 Rural Electric Vehicles


The government of Bangladesh had been legalized 100,000 electric three-wheelers are currently into the function on its rural roads. Bangladesh Registers 100,000 Rural Electric Vehicles.

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Bangladesh Registers 100,000 Rural Electric Vehicles

The three-wheelers which are imported from India and China were operated locally but now the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) wants to supervise and also to the other 3.4 million vehicles recorded in the list.

As electric vehicles have some unique features such as eco-friendly, quiet, speed, zero emission, with the world developing into electric mobility, Bangladesh has also taken a step futher for the adoption of Electric vehicle so that it can encourage others.

8 Solar Charging Stations Built, Produces 30 kW Electricity, Chargers 20 Vehicles At A Time

There have been built 8 solar charging stations across the country. Each charging station can produce up to 30 kW of electricity that chargers 20 Vehicles at once.The total estimation of three-wheelers may vary as many of them have not been registered, they consume around 250-300 MW every day.

However, the country has made a move to enter into the EV market. A local company Advanced Engineering Ltd offers the conversion of traditional vehicles that can function on electric.
The Tanguar Racing has established a solar racing car that is powered by the rooftop panels which can be used during the events.

BRTA Director, Rabbani On Legalizing Rural  Electric Vehicles

BRTA Director Rabbani said, “Interests in electric vehicles have increased globally. A few electric cars have reached Bangladesh as well,” about the legalizing of the electric vehicles.

We need to bring them under a policy as the electric cars have started entering our country.”

Bangladesh Registers 100,000 Rural Electric Vehicles For Zero Emission

“There have been global efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emission and prevent global warming by using fossil fuel-driven vehicles. It is necessary to bring it under a registration system as the use of electric vehicles has begun in the country,” the draft guidelines say.

“Since these are not regular vehicles, the guidelines will decide how to register those,” said Rabbani.
“We had thought these should be stopped to save power. But we are encouraging those vehicles now considering the environment. We have set up charging stations where these vehicles will be powered at commercial rates,” he added.


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