July 19, 2024

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Bajaj Chetak 2901 vs TVS iQube Base Variant: A Detailed Comparison

Bajaj Chetak 2901 vs TVS iQube Base Variant: A Detailed Comparison

Choosing the right electric scooter can be tricky. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the popular Bajaj Chetak 2901 and the TVS iQube base variant to help you decide which one suits you best:

Feature Bajaj Chetak 2901 TVS iQube Base Variant
Price (Ex-showroom) ₹ 95,998 ₹ 95,000
Battery Capacity 2.88 kWh 2.2 kWh
Riding Range (claimed) 129 km Up to 75 km
Motor Power (rated) 4 kW 3 kW
Top Speed (claimed) 63kmph Not specified
Brakes (Front/Rear) Drum/Drum (CBS) Disc/Drum (CBS)
Suspension (Front/Rear) Single-sided leading link/Monoshock Telescopic fork/Dual shock absorber
Display Round LCD (optional color display with Tech Pack) 5-inch LCD
Features Basic (optional Tech Pack adds reverse mode, sport mode, etc.) None (additional features require higher variants)
Boot Space 18 liters 30 liters
Weight (Kerb) 129 kg 115 kg
Charging Time 6hrs 2hrs 45mins

Here’s a quick analysis to help you choose:

  • Budget: The Chetak 2901 is significantly cheaper, making it a good option for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Range: The Chetak offers a longer claimed range, ideal for longer commutes.
  • Performance: The iQube has a more powerful motor and potentially better acceleration.
  • Brakes: The iQube boasts disc brakes in the front for better stopping power.
  • Suspension: The iQube’s telescopic fork and dual shock absorbers might offer a more comfortable ride.
  • Features: The iQube base variant offers minimal features, while the Chetak (with Tech Pack) provides additional functionalities like reverse mode and sport mode.
  • Boot Space: The iQube offers a larger under-seat storage compartment.
  • Weight: The Chetak is slightly heavier.

In Conclusion:

The Bajaj Chetak 2901 is a good choice if you prioritize affordability and range. If you’re willing to spend more and value performance, features, and potentially better ride quality, the TVS iQube might be a better fit.

Additional factors to consider:

  • Availability of service centers in your area
  • Brand preference
  • Warranty offered

Remember, a test ride is highly recommended to get a feel for both scooters before making a final decision.

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