January 28, 2021

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Avass fully electric sports car R800 gives 1,160 km range 

Avass fully electric sports car

Avass fully electric sports car R800 gives 1,160 km range

Avass fully electric sports carAvass fully electric sports car

Avass Group an Australian company in its latest developments in its electric car project has achieved consistent performance tests of 1,160 km with a single charge in the Avass Prototype R800, a fully electric Sports Car. The R800 fully electric sports car is 870 kg that delivers a rapid response to rear-drive through the central high-performance Avass Motor.

The sports electric car performance tests took 11.6 hours to achieve 1,160 km with a single charge with a top speed of 100 km/h not exceeding more than that. Its battery pack capacity is 120kWh and its energy consumption is 10.33kWh/100km with current capacity 112.41Ah.

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Last year the company had announced that it will be exploring opportunities of expanding operations in India and is viewing India as a key base to manufacture a range of full-electric vehicles, including buses, cars, motorcycles, batteries and more. 

Electric vehicles like R800 with longer range is having a huge demand. Many of the large B2B players in e-commerce, grocery, food, couriers have already been piloting EVs and some have also advanced stages of deployment.

At the recent virtual ‘Electric Mobility Conference 2020’, Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways & MSME, Govt of India, had said, “That the future is very bright and India has the potential to become the largest EV market in the world as the government continues to push for EV adoption.”

Dr. Allen Saylav, Group CEO, Avass Group of Companies said, “There has been a great focus on awareness about environmental protection which has given a major push to development trends in the EV industry. Avass has been exploring the huge potential of the global electric vehicle market for some time now. Our R800 Sports Car is highly suitable for countries like India that are demonstrating high potential in the development of clean energy transportation infrastructure.

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