June 14, 2024

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Audi developing high power charging parks in combination with a lounge


Audi developing high power charging parks in combination with a lounge

Audi is working on its own rapid-charging concept for its electric cars and is going to develop the second half of the year to test a possible series application. The whole idea about the plan is to have a high power charging (HPC) in combination with a lounge offer. The power supply will run as the buffer storage.


The “Audi Charging Hub” offers 6 reservable charging points of 300 kW each. The charging can be done on the first floor and the above floor lounge area is available as a place to stay. The concept is based on a modular container cube that can also be used as lithium-ion batteries as buffer storage.

The Audi huge interim storage is having around 2.45 Mwh capacity that includes the 6 charging stations that can provide an output of up to 300 kW. It needs a standard 400-volt high-voltage hook-up which gives an output of 11 kW per cube. It is having the capacity of three storage modules with a total capacity of 2.45 MWh to charge them overnight.

The Audi Board Member for Technical Development, Oliver Hoffmann said that “A flexible high-performing HPC charging park like this does not require much from the local electricity grid and uses a sustainable battery concept.”

“Our customers benefit in numerous ways: from the ability to make exclusive reservations, a lounge area and short waiting times thanks to high-performance charging. This is consistent with the premium concept.”

The automaker is expecting to save cost and time with its cube-like hub that can be transported, installed and adapted to the individual location quickly. It is more independent of local network capacities.

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