April 11, 2024

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Aslov’s Hyena M1 Electric Scooter Expands to Nepal

Aslov’s Hyena M1 Electric Scooter Expands to Nepal

“Aslov Auto’s continuing journey of expanding their brand to more places with the same passion and vision they had at the beginning”

Bhopal-based automobile company Aslov Auto is expanding its wings to Nepal. After the expansion of their brand into the south Indian market, now they are ready to make their wings fly high in other markets.

CEO and co-founder of Aslov Auto, Mr. Mohit Nagaich has extensive EV industry experience in various capacities, along with his father Awadesh Nagaich, making their innovative invasion a global enterprise. The company was founded by an Indian Navy veteran and an ex-Reva engineer.

The company was founded by a father-son combination of two of the country’s most experienced engineers combined with an excellent vision. With a keen vision towards last-mile commuting, Aslov Auto was established in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh in 2018.

Keeping the rider’s safety at the heart of the design, the company always strives to make quality electric scooters. Furthermore, they make sure the price is affordable for the general public.

Their passion and engineering excellence are evident in their product. It took 2 years of hard work and dedication for the Aslov Auto engineering team to unveil their Electric Scooter Hyena M1. They officially unveiled their vehicle in 2020. The Hyena M1 electric scooter is an Indian-made low-speed electric scooter. It has been approved by ICAT. The Hyena M1 electric scooter is a no-license, no-registration low-speed electric scooter.

More than 100 vehicles have been sold so far, and they’ve been experimenting with them for 3 years, constantly refining vehicle components to achieve quality. They have not rushed to sell thousands of vehicles without thoroughly testing the vehicles themselves. They instead used the vehicles personally and gave them to friends and family in order to test them for the last 3 years. Mohit and his father both have used the vehicles personally for local commuting for close to 3 years.

The company decided to make the vehicles available in all Indian states after extensive testing. According to them, their low-speed electric scooter is completely made in India and perfectly suited to Indian roads. And now they aim to expand their brand into other markets to leave a lasting mark on their successful journey.

The company provides an eight-year mechanical warranty on the body and chassis of their scooter. And long-lasting li-ion/lifepo battery with 4 years warranty. Which provides the endurance of a bike and the comfort of a scooter.

When it comes to the performance of the Hyena M1, it has a high power-to-weight ratio compared to other electric bikes. It has designed an exoskeleton chassis that has a high quotient for endurance and agility. It provides telescopic front and rear nitrox/twin suspension for better ride and comfort.

Hyena M1 Electric Scooter Models & High-level Specifications:

  • Hyena m1 lite  ( 55000 INR + GST )
    Range 7O km
    Battery 48v 24 ah ( LFP )
  • Hyena m1 std  (80000 INR + GST )
    Range 90km.
    Battery 48v36ah (LFP)
  • Hyena m1 advance  (1,10,000 INR + GST )
    Range 180km
    Battery 48v72ah  (LfP)


To find out more about Aslov’s Hyena M1 e-scooter, watch this video.


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