May 23, 2024

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Amara Raja and Gridtential Energy partners for Bipolar Battery Technology

Bipolar Battery Technology

Amara Raja and Gridtential Energy partners for Bipolar

Battery Technology

Silicon joule advanced lead battery technology for India market 

An Indian multinational conglomerate company, Amara Raja Batteries has partnered with Gridtential Energy for bipolar battery technology.

The Gridtential Energy is the inventor of the silicon joule bipolar battery technology which has dual benefits such as traditional lead-acid batteries performance and the life cycle of lithium-ion batteries. 

Bipolar Battery Technology

Both the companies under this partnership will assemble and test reference batteries using Amara Raja’s active material and work on the improvements in their life cycle, energy density, efficiency, charging rates, and manufacturability.

The Gridtential will provide non-exclusive licenses for its silicon joule technology to the manufacturing partners to adopt the facilities to provide high-performance batteries such as 24V and 48V batteries for hybrid automotive, energy storage systems, home backup markets and low-speed electric vehicles.

EV charging, swap stations & e-Autos fleet in Tirupati launched by Amara Raja

The CEO of Gridtential Energy, John Barton, said “We believe that silicon joule advanced lead battery technology is a perfect fit for the Indian market, offering a high-performance, low-cost solution. We are excited by the opportunity to show that our advanced lead technology offers superior price-performance and confidence that this will prove to be a successful platform for Amara Raja.”

The Amara Raja Batteries Limited, Vice President and MD Jayadev Galla, said, “The unique silicon joule bipolar technology from Gridtential holds significant potential to deliver enhanced value to our customers. And importantly, Gridtential helps meet our environmental commitment based on lead battery recyclability greater than 99%.”

The technology lets the development of the highly effective advanced batteries by using the patented silicon joule bipolar technology which comes with much wider temperature range and 40% lighter in weight as compared to the conventional batteries.

Last year, Amara Raja installed EV battery charging and swapping stations and also introduced a fleet of e-Autos in Tirupati. The launch of this initiative was with collaboration with the Tirupati Municipal Corporation as part of its smart city program.

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