April 20, 2024

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Altigreen Launches Fast Charging neEV Tez at ₹3.55 lakh

A new version of Altigreen’s three-wheeled cargo EV, the neEV Tez, has been launched for Rs. 3.55 lakhs.  Altigreen is a frontrunner in the EV era and answers for last-mile transportation.


A partnership with Exponent Energy brings this new three-wheeled product to market. A partnership for fast-charging EVs on Indian roads was first announced in August 2022. The first product to emerge from this partnership is the new neEV Tez electric freight vehicle. The battery for Altigreen’s latest version has been customized by Exponent Energy. The neEV Tez can be charged from 0 to 100% in 15 minutes with Exponent’s e-Pump charging network. It is therefore the fastest-charging electric vehicle in the world.




  • Altigreen is a commercial EV manufacturer that has partnered with Exponent Energy to launch the world`s fastest rechargeable electric vehicle.
  • This new three-wheeled cargo EV of his is called neEV Tez and has an 8.2 kWh e-pack battery.
  • 2 kWh e-pack battery.
  • This makes it the fastest-charging electric vehicle in the world.



Altigreen’s brand-new variant features an 8.19kWh e-pack and Exponent’s proprietary battery built with standard LFP cells. A 98 km approved range and an 85 km urban range are also available. It also includes a 5-year warranty for 100,000 km and a 5-year battery warranty.

Altigreen and Exponent Energy have announced a collaboration to bring EV fast charging to India in August 2022. The first product to emerge from this collaboration is neEV Tez. It also features Exponent’s proprietary liquid-cooled battery and industry-first performance of 0-100% charge in 15 minutes.


Altigreen CEO Dr. Amitabh Saran explained that neEV Tez has a longer range and shorter charging time, allowing the vehicle to get the most out of it. This allows for more rides on a single full charge, increasing your revenue potential. He also mentioned neEV Tez as a game changer, offering a new robust solution with 15 minutes of full charge capability.

While the Exponent Energy co-founder Vinayak expressed his pride and gratitude for partnering with Altigreen to launch his neEV Tez, the world’s fastest-charging 3W EV. And while the neEV series already has the best volumetric charging capacity and ground clearance in its class with a 15-minute full charge time and 3000 cycle guarantee, neEV Tez is unbeatable.


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