June 14, 2024

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Alpha Motor Corporation SUPERSAGA electric performance sedan  

Alpha Motor Corporation SUPERSAGA

Alpha Motor Corporation SUPERSAGA electric performance sedan  

Alpha Motor Corporation exclusively previewed the company’s striking performance edition sedan named SUPERSAGA at THE ZEVAS, the Los Angeles Auto Show’s inaugural zero-emission vehicle awards program powered by Electrify America last week. Following the most recent base model unveiling of SAGA, SUPERSAGA  expands on the possibilities.


Alpha Motor Corporation SUPERSAGA

“SUPERSAGA is an exciting evolutionary step forward from its origin while paying homage to performance vehicles through this collaboration with Rotiform. We see the importance in evolving car culture and building motivation for clean energy automobiles and the technology which defines it,” said Alpha Motor Corporation.

SUPERSAGA is planned to be equipped with high torque and low weight dual axial motor all-wheel-drive system with an estimated zero to sixty acceleration time of 4.6 seconds.

The vehicle is intended to be equipped with cylindrical lithium-ion battery modules within a high volt electric vehicle system for an estimated 300+ miles of range. Thermal management of the electronic drive unit is to be controlled through an integrated liquid cooling system. Vehicle charging is achieved using a combination electric vehicle charger with an estimated 80% charge capacity in 1 hour using DC power.

“SUPERSAGA is an engineering opportunity to develop the performance potential that can be achieved with EV technology,” said Marty Slater, Head of Energy Solutions, Alpha Motor Corporation.

Alpha Motor Corporation SUPERSAGA

SUPERSAGA continues Alpha’s electric vehicle lineage with an emphasis on performance-inspired features including Rotiform wheel upgrades. Rotiform DTM Satin Black 20-inch wheels are equipped onto the SUPERSAGA for a hyper-clean presence.

Aerodynamic modifications are made throughout the vehicle including a front bumper integrated air dam and rear spoiler to assist high-speed manoeuvrability through the efficient generation of downforce. Minimal turbulence is created as the vehicle exterior is formed to seamlessly guide airflow through the hood, cabin, bodyside, and underbody where it exits through splitters that divide the rear diffuser.

A combination of lightweight aluminium and carbon fibres are planned as part of the material composition of SUPERSAGA including the front and rear bumpers, side skirts, roof, and other components for weight reduction.

SUPERSAGA also features spacious storage compartments, both underneath the hood and trunk of the vehicle. The vehicle interior integrates several advanced features, including a driver-centric digital speedometer, a digital centre display, haptic interior climate and audio controls, a digital sound system and ergonomically bolstered performance-inspired seating, all designed for an engaging in-vehicle experience.

SUPERSAGA vehicle dimensions measure approximately 4,700mm (185in) in length, 1970mm (78in) in width and lowered to an overall height of 1440mm (57in). SUPERSAGA was unveiled in radiant blue called ‘Paradise’ and high gloss white called ‘Runway.’

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