April 10, 2024

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Allianz Technology Launches ecars in Kerala

Allianz Technology Launches ecars in Kerala

Kerala joined in electric vehicles journey with the initiation of Allianz technology India, a technopark company.5 electric vehicles were introduced. Kerala state IT secretary M.Sivasankar said it’s a great initiation from Allianz to encourage e-mobility.

Allianz Technology Launches ecars

Steps Towards Green Mobility 

Allianz SE chief operating officer Christof Mascher said the electric vehicle initiation in Kerala is a part of companies effort to encourage sustainable development of electric mobility.

The companies chief executive officer Ashish Patel said the introduction of electric vehicles in India shows the company’s commitment to the promotion of green energy options.

Companies should take the zeal of this initiative and make steps towards electric mobility all over India. IT tech-giants Wipro and Cognizant already using electric vehicles, Wipro announced they are going to reach a target of 1000 electric vehicles by the end of 2023. 

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