June 15, 2024

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Toyota’s Electric Moon Car-Finally a road trip On Moon!

Toyota's Electric Moon Car

Toyota’s Electric Moon Car, Electric Vehicles are developing in every field, it can be seen everywhere today, on roads, racing tracks, tourists places, in Polar Explorations, IT companies, government sectors, Military personnel, Aviation, Railways etc.

Toyota’s Electric Moon Car

The electric vehicles with their unique features such as quiet, speed and zero emissions making a huge difference in making the environment greener and safer.

All most all the countries Government have adopted electric vehicles and taking initiatives in developing and promoting the electric vehicles in their own countries, for Example India adopted the FAME Scheme to encourage, promote and develop electric vehicles in the country.

Toyota's Electric Moon Car
Toyota’s Electric Moon Car

Many manufacturers are manufacturing various EVs types according to their consumer’s needs, here is a new innovation made by Toyota Motors, a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer.

We have seen from electric race cars, electric SUV cars, electric Roborace cars to now electric moon car.

Japan is planning to explore the lunar surface using an electric vehicle built by Toyota, the moon landing is expected in 2029. The JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) and Toyota announced that it will collaborate on international space exploration particularly on developing a manned, pressurized rover that uses Toyota’s fuel cell vehicle (FCV) technologies.

Toyota's Electric Moon Car
Toyota’s Electric Moon Car

Koichi Wakata, JAXA Vice President said, “Manned, pressurized rovers will be an important element supporting human lunar exploration, which we envision will take place in the 2030s,” “We aim at launching such a rover into space in 2029.”

This electric vehicle uses a fuel cell of oxygen and compressed hydrogen which react with each other generates electricity.

It will have a range of more than 10,000 km and will only emit water that means it lessens the chances of harmful substances that the Toyota is looking out for.

The size of the vehicle- Microbuses will be about 19.6 feet long, 17 feet wide and 12.4 feet tall.

Toyota’s Electric Moon Car

Toyota President Akio Toyoda said, “The automotive industry has long done business with the concepts of ‘hometown’ and ‘home country’ largely in mind. However, from now on, in responding to such matters as environmental issues of global scale, the concept of ‘home planet’, from which all of us come, will become a very important concept.”

It was powered on two 36-volt silver-zinc potassium hydroxide non-rechargeable batteries.
it would have a living space of 13 cubic meters and could house 2 people comfortably, 4 in an emergency.

“Toyota believes that achieving a sustainable mobility society on Earth will involve the coexistence and widespread use of electrified vehicles, such as hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles, and fuel cell electric vehicles.

For electrification, fuel cell batteries represent an indispensable technology. Fuel cells, which use clean power-generation methods, emit only water, and, because of their high energy density, they can provide a lot of energy, making them especially ideal for the project being discussed with JAXA.”


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