May 28, 2024

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Renault Zoe Review

Renault Zoe is a five-door electric car.Renault Zoe price about 8,00,000 Rs. It was manufactured by French manufacturer Renault.It was introduced in 2012 December. The Zoe was the top-selling electric car in Europe for two years 2015 and 2016.It has a 5-door hatchback.The Zoe has a 66KW electric motor and it produces a torque of 222 N-m. In Earlier Zoe has 22 kWh lithium iron battery pack it gives a range of 210 Km and 240 km. In 2016 September Renault announced 41kwh lithium iron battery increasing range to 400 KM.

The Renault Zoe Electric motor powered  80 hp output.The length of the Zoe is measured about 4084 mm.It has disk braking system.It has features like the grille and LED lights to enhance the appearance of the vehicle.It has MacPherson type front suspension and Torsion beam coil spring rear suspension. This car weighs nearly 1,470 kgs.

The wheel base of this car about 2,588 mm. Renault is proud to offer an affordable electric vehicle with a 250-mile NEDC range on one charge.The sides of the Zoe profile fitted with 19 inches of wheels.

Renault Zoe Specifications:

  • Length : 4084mm
  • Width:1730mm
  • Height:1562mm
  • KerbWeight:1468kg
  • Wheelbase:2588mm
  • Bootspace:338
  • Wheelsize:19inches
  • Torque:222NM
  • Power:80HP
  • Displacement:2500
  • Specific output:32bhp/litere


Why Renault Zoe is The Best Car?


  • It has a good range of torque and mileage.
  • It has features like R-link touch screen system, with phone connectivity.
  • For good parking purpose, it has attached a range of proximity sensors around the car.
  • It also provides one app to monitor zeo remotely.This app provides information about charging level.
  • Renault Zoe is very affordable.


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