June 15, 2024

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Mercedes-Benz to launch four new electric vehicles in few months

Electric Vehicle

Mercedes-Benz’s brand-new electric vehicles will be a combination of both CKDs and CBUs.

Mercedes-Benz, the luxury car manufacturer, is in plans to launch four new electric vehicle models within 8 to 12 months in India, the  firm’s head of region overseas, Matthias Leuhrs announced on Thursday.

He added that the four brand-new EVs will incorporate both completely knocked-down (CKD) vehicles and completely built-up (CBU) cars.

With a market share of roughly 44%, Mercedes-Benz is the market leader in India’s luxury automobile industry with sales of about 38,000 units in 2022. The German automotive corporation is also one of the giant luxury car producers worldwide.

Mercedes-Benz AG headquartered in Stuttgart has no plans to start a manufacturing facility in India right now as the company have enough production facilities worldwide to manufacture new cars for the next five to eight years at least, per Leuhrs.

Luehrs also added that the company did not see any further need to increase its production capacity globally. “For production, there has to be demand (local plus exports) for 300,000 units per annum. With existing production lines, we have enough capacity for five to eight years worldwide,” he told the reporters.

Also, Matthias mentioned that it is not required to have production in India for the local market. “We do production for not just a single country but for the entire world,” he asserted.

In India, the  automotive brand has one plant in Pune that assembles CKD units. In one year, the plant can produce upto 20,000 units.

“The Indian market does not require us to have a production facility other than the CKD facility. If, over time, we need more production capacity, we will look at India,” he proclaimed.

Four existing EVs of the German Automotive Corporation

Comparing imported CBU cars to the imported CKD cars, India levies lower taxes on the latter. The automotive company debuted its first EV, the EQC, in India two years ago during the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The AMG EQS 53, EQS 580, and EQB are the other three electric vehicles that the Mercedes-Benz introduced in the second half of 2022. These EVs have a huge market demand.

Future plans of Mercedes-Benz

According to Luehrs, the business has adopted an agency model in which automobiles are sold directly to clients at a given price, and dealers are paid a fixed charge to deliver the vehicle. Dealers do not have to keep inventory under the agency model, and buyers are happy since they can purchase the automobile for the same price throughout India, he continued.

He said that when it comes to alternative fuels, the corporation is exclusively concentrating on EVs and not on the creation of hybrid vehicles.

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