October 22, 2020

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Hyundai to launch 3 EVs includes 45 EV concept & Prophecy concept

Hyundai to launch 3 EVs

Hyundai to launch 3 EVs includes 45 EV concept & Prophecy


The Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) will launch three new electric vehicles next year. Hyundai has already launched its Kona electric car last year in India which is the first electric car to be launched in India.

Now it is planning to launch three more which includes an electric SUV and Sedan. Now the company’s upcoming electric cars 45 EV concept and the production-spec Prophecy concept will be launched on a new platform. The Company’s 45 EV will have a retro stance whereas the Prophecy will be a premium and stylish sedan. The third vehicle will launch as a concept in 2021. 

Hyundai to launch 3 EVs
Prophecy Concept

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The Kona electric caught the attention of the people instantly and it has received some nice sales numbers and the numbers will be increased in the coming future. The Kona compact crossover is priced at Rs 23.7 lakh (ex-showroom) in India. 

Hyundai to launch 3 EVs

The Hyundai Prophecy concept will be rival to the Tesla Model 3 and the upcoming BMW i4. The Hyundai’s all three electric vehicles will be based on Hyundai’s new Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) which is likely be used by Kia and Genesis for their own EVs.

SangYup Lee, Hyundai’s head of design, said, “The new EV architecture gives us a long wheelbase and a flat floor, and we’re experimenting with unique USPs and how we will stretch it”. The design of the 45 reflects the 1970s style concept.

Hyundai to launch 3 EVs
45 Concept

Lee said, “It’s not a concept that’s never going to make production. That’s how we like to start. I’m quite happy how close the production version is to the show car, and the same thing applies to the Prophecy, too.”

The Prophecy design is currently being finalised and it begins with the sensuous sportiness. It is inspired by the 1930s streamliners and it looks different from the 45. Hyundai wanted to avoid the Russian-doll approach taken by so many brands.

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