June 12, 2024

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A speed breaker for Ola Electric is user complaints

A speed breaker for Ola Electric is user complaints

The company is criticized for poor service and responsiveness

There have been a lot of complaints from customers regarding the service provided by Ola Electric, one of the leading electric two-wheeler manufacturers in the Indian EV industry. According to Ola Electric, it had its highest monthly sales ever in November and has a 35 percent market share in the two-wheeler EV market. The company’s sales figures may roar upward, but its customers are causing an uproar with complaints concerning poor service and reliability.

Based on a review of social media posts, several Ola customers complained about the reliability issue and complained about the length of repair times or difficulty finding a service appointment.

As a result of multiple complaints regarding the company’s service, a customer of Ola Electric placed a Rest in Peace bouquet on his scooter. As a result of an X post, a picture of this incident has been gaining traction on social media. Similarly, many Ola customers are coming forward to express their dissatisfaction with the company.

Even though Ola scooters are a very popular product on the market, their service delivery performance is getting negative points due to their inability to respond to customers.

There has been a comment made by a customer that the service is most pathetic. Even though the scooters were lying idle, the company did not respond. Although Ola takes the base plan money from its customers, they do not provide any service to them.  

It is evident from social media posts and other platforms that many other OLA scooters are waiting for service. A customer’s review of the pathetic service and disappointment with the company’s lack of response is also included. The company responds to some customers by saying it will contact them after verifying the complaints. However, customers report that they are receiving this reply repeatedly but have not received a resolution to their problem.




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