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There are twins of the Hero Splendor Electric Bike

There are twins of the Hero Splendor Electric Bike

Hero MotoCorp is a trusted domestic electric two-wheeler company that has just announced that it will introduce an electric version of the Splendor. Even months after the announcement, they still haven’t launched the Splendor electric bike, which has disappointed customers. Some of their customers are still eagerly waiting for the launch of the electric bike. In this situation, the Hero Splendor e-bike is getting Doppelgangers before its official launch.

Recently, during the EV India Expo 2023, an e-bike especially attracted the entire audience as the e-bike looked very similar to the heroic Splendor e-bike. But this is not the hero’s glorious e-bike. Chhattisgarh’s Relecto India displays its electric bikes. They call this electric bike Regen. But if you remove the Regen electric bike logo, it is almost similar to the Hero Splendor electric bike. Its Regen e-bike is similar to the Hero Splendor bike, offering a range of 130 to 150 on a single charge.

Relecto Regency E-Bike is an Indian electric vehicle company with a mission to help India go gasoline-free. An e-bike manufacturing company based in Chhattisgarh, Relecto Regen E-Bikes offers high-quality e-bikes and scooters under its brand, ‘RELECTO’.



Not only Relecto, but another company also produces electric bikes similar to Hero Splendor. New startup Vahak, a manufacturer of electric two-wheelers, has launched its new modern electric commuter bike Vyom in India. Vahak Vyom is the new modern and attractive low-speed electric commuter bike in the Vahak series. This ergonomically designed electric bike resembles the motorbike that has been loved by Indians for many years: the Hero Splendor.

One question remains: Why didn’t Hero Electric file a lawsuit against these companies over the same design as their Splendor electric bike? And the reason is that this electric bicycle design is an open-market design. Any e-bike manufacturer can use this technology to build any e-bike of their choice.



Electric Hero Splendor

Hero MotoCorp is a reliable company in the country that can introduce the electric version of Splendor. Nothing has been said officially by the company yet about the Hero Splendor Electric Bike Launch Date. As you all know Hero Splendor is the best-selling motorcycle in India as well as in neighboring countries.


Many people are excited that the country’s most popular motorbike will now also have an electric version, helping you ease the burden of rising gasoline and diesel prices. The company constantly discusses the Electric Hero Splendor, its form factor, battery life, and top speed. The price of the Hero Splendor electric bike will not be very high and is within your budget.


The Hero Splendor electric bike is being prepared with two different types of batteries, one 4 kW and one 8 kW. Along with that, an electric motor with a capacity of 9 kW is also installed, which can give a speed of over 100 km/h and the maximum speed of the Hero Splendor electric bike. It is claimed to be up to 150 km.



GOGOA1, a company in Maharashtra that manufactures EV converters for electric vehicles, claims that during testing, it recorded a range of 151 km, which is good for an electric vehicle.


A fixed battery with a capacity of 4 kWh has been installed at the rear of the Hero Splendor e-bike. In addition, it also has additional storage space, including an additional 2 kWh battery (Electric Hero Splendor Battery). Thanks to that, the motorbike’s autonomy can be increased by 50%. The 2 kWh battery provided in this additional storage space can also be removed and charged.


Hero Splendor EV range with 4 kWh battery is estimated at 120 km, Hero Splendor EV range with 6 kWh is estimated at 180 km, and with 8 kWh battery, range is estimated at 240 km. However, this will only be completely clear when it is released to the market or has official confirmation from the company. Until then, Hero customers will have to be a little patient.


So far, Hero has launched an electric vehicle priced under Rs 9,999. 80,000, so we can clearly say that we can see the Hero Splendor electric bike at an on-road price of Rs 1 lakh. Some experts believe that considering the capacity, range, top speed, and other specifications of the Hero e-bike battery, the price of the Hero Electric Splendor could exceed Rs 1 lakh.


Now let’s look at similar e-bikes from other manufacturers.



Relecto Regen

Let’s find out the technical specifications of Regen electric bikes. It works with a 2 KW Hub BLDC motor and provides a maximum speed of 70 km/h. On a single charge, you can travel up to 150 to 190 km. Autonomy depends on battery capacity. While the charging time of this electric bike is 4 to 5 hours. But what is surprising is that the carrying capacity of this electric bike is 260 kg while the ground clearance of this electric bike is 150 mm. The tire size is tubeless tire 17, the front brake system is disc brake, and the rear is drum brake.


This electric bike’s price is the most important factor. This electric bike has a starting price of 120,000 rupees. 



Vahak Vyom


Vahak Vyom is a modern electric bike powered by a BLDC hub electric motor for unprecedented energy efficiency. The new electric vehicle is equipped with a 51.2 V/30 Ah LiFePo4 battery. The modern Vahak Vyom electric commuter bike boasts the ability to deliver impressive long distances. The e-bike battery setup has a charging time of approximately 4 hours with a full charge from 0 to 100%. The new electric vehicle also has a pretty good real-time top speed of 25 km/h. Braking duties are handled by a drum brake setup on the front wheels and a drum brake setup on the rear wheels with a standard brake system for better handling of braking duties and safe driving on the road. The Vahak Vyom electric commuter bike has modern-looking alloy rims equipped with tubeless tires.



The Vahak Vyom electric bike is a modern and stylish commuter bike with advanced features. It boasts a sporty headlight setup, handle-mounted turn indicator lights, a unique taillight design, a standard rearview mirror, a comfortable long seat, modern alloy wheels, and tubeless tires. Its fully digital instrument cluster displays important information such as speedometer readings, console details, low battery warnings, and other useful functions. Safety is also a top priority, with drum brakes at both the front and rear wheels providing advanced safety measures while riding on the road. The Vahak Vyom electric bike also offers better performance with its electric motor setup and top-of-the-line battery pack. It is available in four attractive colors: silver, white, black, and red.


To conclude,

Getting a copy of the much-awaited Hero Splendor Electric bike as a doppelganger is quite surprising for customers. Nevertheless, there is still hope for them given the twist of similarly designed e-bikes. It is expected that the Splendor E-bike will be launched as soon as possible by Hero MotoCorp as they are certain to be challenged by similarly designed e-bikes.







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