June 24, 2024

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Tata Motors’ only EV showroom in Gurugram.

Tata Motors was founded in 1945 as a manufacturer of locomotives. In 1954, Tata Group and Daimler-Benz of Germany formed a joint venture in which Tata set up a manufacturing plant for Daimler trucks at Jamshedpur.  In November 1954, Daimler and Tata jointly produced the first goods carrier chassis with 90-100 horsepower and 3-5 tons capacity at the Jamshedpur factory. After dominating the commercial vehicles market in India for many years, Tata Motors shifted its focus to passenger vehicles in 1991 with the launch of the sport utility vehicle (SUV) Tata Sierra, based on the platform of the previous Tata Mobile. Subsequently, the company launched the Tata Estate in 1992; a station wagon based on the previous Tata Mobile, the Tata Sumo in 1994 (a 5-door SUV), and the Tata Safari in 1998.

And now, Tata Motors has announced the opening of a new showroom in Gurugram for as long as the only electric vehicle. This is the first ever EV-only dealer showroom in Gurugram. From 7th January 2024, the dealership will be open to the general public. The building is located on Shona Road. According to the manufacturer, they are planning to expand their network to two to three additional cities where they will sell more electric vehicles.

Customers will have access to fast chargers at the new dealerships. All Tata electric vehicles showrooms will also have workshops exclusively dedicated to Tata electric vehicles, which was announced in October of last year when the Tata Tiago was launched.

Tata Motors currently sells the NEXON.EV, TIAGO.EV, and TIGOR.EV in the Indian market. The Nexon. EV and Tiago.EV account for 75% of the total sales of Tata’s electric hatchbacks. In the case of Tiago.EV, this electric hatchback only accounts for 25% of the buyer’s demand. Tata plans to sell 70,000 electric vehicles by the end of 2023.

The Director of Tata Motors and Tata Electric Mobility, Mr. Sailesh Chandra, commented on the inauguration of the new showrooms. As a result of his interaction with over 1 lakh Tata Electric customers, he noted that they are seeking a different kind of customer experience, a company that is sensitive to changes in the environment, and a company that uses the latest technology. In line with the brand’s core values of sustainability and technology, the new flagship showrooms are the first tangible manifestation of this philosophy. In order to empower its customers, TATA Electric plans to create a comfortable community space for customer gatherings, sustainability-focused workshops, and other events. In addition to retailing EVs, these showrooms also serve as community centers for TATA Electric.

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