April 11, 2024

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Lovebird-The Story Of India’s First Electric Car

First Electric Car

Do you want to know how India’s first electric car looks like? Who made it? If Yes lets see how does it look like and who made it? 

Lovebird-The Story Of India’s First Electric Car

The first electric Car Of India “LOVEBIRD” Concept

“LOVEBIRD” concept electric car is a cute two-seater. Unlike any other electric vehicles, it also runs by a direct current electric motor which is powered by a lead acid battery pack that can be recharged. First Electric Car of India was made by Eddy.

First Electric Car Designed And Created By Eddy

The Lovebird was designed and created by Eddy Electric series. The electric car has an electronic chopper controller that helps the vehicle to give smooth speed control. It has four-speed automatic transmission with a reverse gearbox, which makes the ride more comfortable on all road conditions.

Lovebird Displayed In Auto Expo, New Delhi In 1993

Eddy introduced India’s first electric car when the electric vehicle term was still under the development stage in the automobile industry. The Lovebird was displayed in the Auto Expo, New Delhi in 1993 and had also won the awards.

The only Manufacturer Of Water Cooled Eddy Current Drives In India

Eddy current controls (India) Limited is a public company started in the year 1971. They stared the manufacture of Eddy Current Variable Speed Drives and related control systems in India in collaboration with M/s Yaskawa Electric Mfg. Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan. The company’s manufacturing facilities available in Chalakudy, Kerala, and Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. They are the only manufactures of Water Cooled Eddy Current Drives in India.

The Specifications

  • Range- 60 km per charge
  • Charging time- 6 to 8 hours


  • lightweight high tensile steel chassis
  • Fiberglass reinforced polyester body
  • Pollution free and noiseless ride

What happened to LOVEBIRD?

LOVEBIRD passed all the tests required for government approval in 1993, but the company managed to sale only two digits of electric cars because the government stops giving subsidy of 82,000 per vehicle on those days so the company stopped manufacturing , A MOSFET controller was used in LOVEBIRD electric car.

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