June 22, 2024

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LIGHTNING LS-218 Electric SuperBike Price, Specs & Review

LIGHTNING LS-218 Electric SuperBike

The 21 century can be defined as the era of electric vehicles, because of its need and advantages to the public. LIGHTNING LS-218 superbike giving its eco-friendly services to the bike loves in the USA. This electric superbike holds a record for The world’s fastest electric bike with a top speed of 218 MPH.

In 2014, LS-218 electric superbike was introduced in the US market. works on a single gear system, which helps the rider for a hassle free riding. The name  LS-218 is the replication of Lightning SuperBike top speed 218 miles per hour. This electric superbike can be seen in the Asphalt 8: Airborne game, which shows the popularity of this e-bike globally.

LIGHTNING LS-218 Electric SuperBike

LIGHTNING LS-218 Specs & Review

  • Top speed 218 MPH
  • The weight of SuperBike – 495 lbs
    Programmable regenerative braking
  • 200 Horse Power
  • 10,500 RPM

Charge time

  • 30 mins on a DC fast charger
  • 120 minutes on level 2 charger

Battery Pack

380V 12 kWh: 100-120 miles per charge
380V 15 kWh: 120-150 miles per charge
380V 20 kWh: 160-180 miles per charge

Expansion of Lightning Motorcycles

Very recently, the company announced its first phase of expansion into its new Corporate Headquarters and Production Facility located in San Jose, California. The new production facility offers five times the square footage when compared to the previous one.


  • LS-218 12kwh variant price $38,888
  • LS-218 16kwh variant price $42,888
  • LS-218 20kwh variant price $46,888

LIGHTNING LS-218 price in India is around 30 Lakhs.


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