March 02, 2024

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KIA EV6 Electric car’s are Excepted to Launch in India by June 2022.

kia ev6

KIA EV6 was revealed to the market in 2021 and is the first KIA Electric car is based on the Electric-Global modular(E-GM) platform that is specially designed for EVs and the battery pack capacity for EV6 is 77.4 KWH and motor making is about 222BPH with 350 NM.

Electric car making and sales were growing in India Day-by-Day over the last couple of years and many carmaking companies were jumped on the fashionable trends.

Moving forward the electric car space is going to Expand and new carmaking companies will enter the market, on top of a few companies that were already in competition and delivering the best in the Indian market. let’s see how KIA is going to play its role in the EV market, on the other hand, KIA is planning to launch Electric vehicles in several international markets.

As of our information, the South Korean-based carmaking company is expected to launch the EV6 electric crossover in India this year in the month of JUNE 2022.


According to our information, the EV6 will be available in 2 different battery packs one is with 58 KWH and the other is 77.4 KWH here Expectations of EV6 is will be with 77.4 kWh battery pack and the battery will be with 222BHP and 350 NM motor and driving range is all about 499 KM per charge (make a note it’s just an estimated range). here we can see in the Ev market the 77.4 kWh battery pack is also available with a more powerful motor developing with 316 bhp with 605 NM it brings the driving range nearly to 441 km on a single charge.

EV6 interior part is going to be an exciting part as of revealed images we can see how the exterior is designed. the exterior is likely a different model compared to petrol vehicle and made of LED lookup at back.

Coming to Features:

KIA EV6 is going to be available with a large touch screen.

Coming to Dashboard will be a handful of physical switched operations for an uncluttered appeal inside EV.

EV6 includes a head-up display, LED light look-up onboard power generator, rear-view monitor with dynamic parking guidance, augmented-reality head-up display, dual-zone automatic climate control w/ auto de-fog system, and much more features.

The driving range for EV6 is all about 499km(it’s just estimated to need to check when it’s live to market).

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