May 24, 2024

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Introducing Hero MotoCorp’s Surge S32: An electric vehicle inspired by Batman’s Batmobile

Introducing Hero MotoCorp’s Surge S32:  An electric vehicle inspired by Batman’s Batmobile

The Surge S32’s ability to switch between three- and two-wheel modes makes it unique. 

Hero MotoCorp’s innovative startup, Surge, recently unveiled a unique electric vehicle (EV) that draws inspiration from the iconic Batmobile of Batman. The Surge S32 is a remarkable three-wheeler EV that can seamlessly convert into a two-wheeler scooter in just three minutes, providing commuters in India with a versatile transportation option.

A video showcasing the Surge S32 was shared by RPG Group, generating excitement among EV enthusiasts nationwide. With essential features such as a front passenger cabin, windscreen, headlights, turn indicators, and windscreen wipers, the vehicle represents significant progress in EV technology while retaining the appearance of a conventional three-wheeler electric cargo vehicle.


Surge S32 Specifications




Top Speed

50 km/h

60 km/h

Load-Carrying Capacity

500 kg

Utility Focus

Goods Transport,

Delivery Services


Urban Navigation

Congested Areas

Urban Roads






Delivery Drivers

Urban Commuters


The Surge S32 is a unique electric vehicle that can convert from a three-wheeler to a two-wheeler scooter with just the push of a button. It has a front windshield that lifts vertically to reveal the electric scooter inside, and the vehicle’s cabin quickly transforms using a spring-loaded double-stand mechanism.

Equipped with LED headlights, turn indicators, a speedometer, and switchgear, the Surge S32 provides a comfortable ride for those traveling in urban areas. The electric scooter intelligently divides its power and battery between the three-wheeler and the scooter, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

The Surge S32 is perfect for various preferences, from transporting goods to commuting, with a top speed of 50 km/h for the three-wheeler and 60 km/h for the scooter. Moreover, the three-wheeler has a load-carrying capacity of 500 kg, making it ideal for businesses and delivery drivers navigating congested urban areas. The Surge S32 aims to provide a versatile and efficient transportation solution that empowers urban commuters with an easier and more comfortable way to travel.

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