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Hopcharge: EV charging at your doorstep

Hopcharge: EV charging at your doorstep

Mobile EV Chargers for Ultimate Convenience: Hopcharge covers your EV wherever you are

Over the past few years, India has seen advancements in electric vehicles (EVs). As the Indian government promotes electric vehicles through various programs and policies to encourage and subsidize manufacturers and consumers, India’s electric vehicle industry is on the right track.

Let’s start with an easy question. When it comes to your electric vehicle, what is the most concerning problem you face?

Worries about range have risen high on the list, as well as the lack of charging infrastructure. While this is true worldwide, it is especially relevant for Indian drivers. However, Gurugram-based startup Hopcharge could have provided the solution by making the world’s first on-demand electric vehicle (EV) charging service available at users’ doorsteps.

Co-founded by CEO Arjun Singh and CXO Saurabh Rohilla in 2019, Hopcharge has been making waves. The company plans to roll out Hopcharge in all major metropolitan areas in the coming months. Founded in 2019, Hopcharge is working to introduce a charging system that includes portable and connected power banks with high-capacity charging specifically designed for electric vehicles. 

What does Hopcharge do?

On-demand electric vehicle charging solution provider. The company provides on-demand home electric vehicle charging solutions for users, fleet owners, and more. It provides features like optimized infrastructure constraints, battery life management, and more. And claims to have on-demand recharging equipment at the door.

Adversity-stricken Hopcharge 

During a live chat, we asked Arjun Singh, Co-Founder and CEO of Hopcharge, about the idea behind this one-of-a-kind startup. According to him, it was the gap in the field that gave them the idea to overcome this challenge. The current scenario and the inadequacies of electric vehicle charging infrastructure availability in India are the driving factors for Hopcharge.

The challenge is not EV adoption but the availability of EV recharging infrastructure in the country. Discussing the same thing, Singh pointed out that poor infrastructure can hinder sales of electric vehicles in the country. He said that domestic tram stations are the biggest challenge to the industry’s development. “Electric vehicle owners do not have access to charging stations or suitable charging devices in their homes, which is one reason why they do not choose to purchase an electric vehicle.

According to him, the business model they have developed has significant potential. He estimates that his conservative estimate of the market potential in India alone is around US$19 billion. “This estimate is for the personal and commercial 4W electric vehicle market only, excluding bus and truck charging. Hopcharge is designed for a global audience,” he said.

Let’s get you an EV charger

Now, just like in your grocery store, you can order EV chargers delivered to your door. Singh says all you have to do is sign up for their service.

Hopcharge claims that users only have to pay Rs. 3.5 per kilometer. This is a proprietary technology developed by the startup that acts as a plug-and-play fast charging network. In addition to the hardware (mobile, modular, and plug-and-play), an application for mobile users (iOS and Android) has also been developed for this particular purpose. From beginning to end, the system is supported by a technology-based energy management system. Singh stated that the process must be completed.

This on-demand home service, he adds, leads to a lower cost of ownership as users pay around Rs 3.5 per kilometer.

Another USP of Hopcharge, it reduces wait times at public charging stations, which reduces inconvenience. Currently, the fastest charging time for an electric vehicle is approx. 35-40 minutes, which is an additional drawback of public charging (charge time plus standby time) and Hopcharge claims to have minimized this time.

“Hopcharge has developed a proprietary power module that combines lithium-ion energy storage and a fast charger, which is capable of charging electric vehicles at a rate comparable to that of public fast chargers,” Singh stated.

He told us that this patented charging technology includes connected and portable power banks with high-capacity charging designed specifically for electric vehicles. 

The early days of Hopcharge

Currently, the Hopcharge group consists of 30 members from the e-mobility, automotive, and energy sectors. But like any other startup, the company faced some initial challenges.

While starting a company was easy, Singh says his initial challenge was to build the infrastructure to charge electric vehicles. He did this in a way that was easily accessible to users.

Hopcharge wants to promote electric vehicles in India by providing a consistent charging method. What has helped us throughout the process is that the early response from electric vehicle owners has been tremendous. More and more people ask us to expand and offer our services in their respective cities. So, to build this ecosystem, the startup will first test its model in different cities. Hopcharge decided to implement a plan for the next 12 months to deploy Hopcharge pilots in three cities (Delhi NCR – Delhi, Gurugram, Noida), Bengaluru, and Mumbai,” Singh told us.

At present, the company is successfully operating its services in Delhi-NCR through the HopchargeX subscription plan. The company reports that they have made more than 255 charges by 2022. 



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