August 05, 2020

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Bihar CM Nitish Kumar reaches assembly by Electric car

Electric car

Government officials not leaving any opportunity to promote electric vehicles, the Chief Minister (CM) of Bihar on Thursday reached the assembly by electric car to set an example for using eco-friendly mobility.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar reaches assembly by Electric car

He was welcomed by presenting a bouquet by Transport Department Principal Secretary Sanjay Agarwal.

Regarding his electric car journey, CM said “It is a pleasure traveling in this car. It is almost soundless and its design feels very comfortable while sitting inside”.

Electric car from Tata Motors

He also talked about the car while walking towards the assembly premises that the electric car from Tata Motors gives a range of 150 km when it is charged for 4 hours.

“Factoring in the cost of electricity it can be said that the car, which is priced at Rs 11 lakh, costs 80 paise per kilometer. Besides economic viability, it also causes zero pollution.”

“We are in the process of installing charging points at 1, Anney Marg (the CM’s residence which is about a kilometer and a half away) and here at the Vidhan Sabha,” Agrawal added.
The Principal Secretary said the EVs will have green number plates to highlight their uniqueness of eco-friendly.

The chief minister also said that “It is very easy to drive. There is no need to change gears frequently.”

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