September 21, 2023

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At Rs 1.67 lakh, Tork launches Kratos R Urban, with a one-month ‘free trial’
At Rs 1.67 lakh, Tork launches Kratos R Urban, with a one-month ‘free trial’

At Rs 1.67 lakh, Tork launches Kratos R Urban, with a one-month ‘free trial’

After one month, the Urban trim is restricted to 70 kmph, as is the Kratos R


  • The Kratos R electric motorcycle from Tork Motors now comes in an urban variant priced at Rs 1.67 lakh.
  • Buyers will have access to all Kratos R features during the first month of ownership.
  • Following the free trial, there will only be one ride mode with a 100-kilometer range.

After a drastic reduction in FAME-II subsidies that led to a steep price increase for its initial offering, electric vehicle (EV) startup Tork Motors has found a new way to overcome the price barrier. It has launched a new variant of the Kratos R electric motorcycle, dubbed “Urban”, priced at Rs 1.67 lakh, Rs 20,000 less than the bike it is based on. The new part is that, like a music streaming app or editing software, the Kratos R Urban comes with a month’s ‘free trial’ of all the features available on the more expensive variant.

Mechanically identical to the Kratos R, the Urban comes with the same 4kWh lithium-ion battery, providing actual range numbers up to 120 km in Eco mode, 100 km in City mode, and 70 km in a Mode. Sport degree. It also has the same axial flux permanent magnet motor with a continuous output of 6 hp and a peak of 12 hp and 38 Nm of torque, allowing it to complete the 0 sprint. -40 km/h in 3.5 seconds and the top speed is 105 km/h. The caveat is that after a month of ownership, the car will only have one driving mode (City) with top speed (70 km/h) and range (100 km) reduced.

Other features that will be disabled after the first month include reverse mode, fast charging, in-app navigation, Bluetooth live dashboard, vehicle navigation, anti-theft system, geofencing, charging point location, OTA updates, and driving analysis. Buyers can unlock these features by paying an additional Rs 20,000 anytime during the first six months of ownership; effectively converting the bike into a Kratos R (priced at Rs 1.87 lakh, old showroom, after FAME-II subsidy).

Under the revised subsidy structure, the maximum FAME-II incentive that Kratos R – previously eligible for a full FAME-II grant is Rs 60,000 – is eligible to receive is Rs 22,500; a decrease of Rs 37,500. Tork increased the price of Kratos R to over Rs 19,000 in June. Tork launched Kratos in early 2022, with two variants – standard and R. However, the startup only made the more powerful R variant and currently only sells the R version. Base model, At launch it was priced at Rs 1.32 lakh, had similar specifications but lacked some features, and had slightly lower engine power and top speed.

At the time, Tork was building Kratos in its small factory, which limited the production and supply of the bike. In March 2023, Tork moved production of Kratos to Bharat Forge’s factory in Chakan, under a contract manufacturing agreement. The new factory has a production capacity of 60,000 units per year, which can be increased to 10,000 units per year. 

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